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Article – software to recognise city through architecture

Today I read an article on new software that was designed to determine what city a person is in by analysing the architecture of the city. This article made me think about the applications of similar software in archaeology.

How about software that identifies the era an area is from, by analysing the architecture? Something like this could be used to analyse more complete ruins of discovered structures. Of course, then one has to think, would something like this really be necessary? If a ruin is rather complete, wouldn’t an archaeologist’s opinion be enough? Should one then try to rather develop something that can identify the era of partial ruins which may be more difficult for an archaeologist to determine with certainty? Is the analysis of structural ruins actually something that would need this kind of help from a computer?

Because computational archaeology is not a very old field so there are still large opportunities for research in it. The above are examples of the kinds of questions I think about when reading articles which I end up posting as “possibly relevant to computational archaeology”. Such questions may one day lead to further research, while others may just lead to an interesting debate.


One comment on “Article – software to recognise city through architecture

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