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Google Image Survey may have found lost Egyptian Pyramids

Satellite images of an area in Egypt show suspicious signs of undiscovered pyramids, here. Field work still needs to be done to figure out what exactly is happening in that area, but this is a great example of using computers to analyse an area in order to decide where to begin excavations.

Archaeologists don’t need software created specifically for their needs for every part of the archaeological process. There is already technology for multiple purposes available out there, which can be useful to an archaeologist in some way or another. In this case, good guy Google has allowed access to satellite images which showed promising areas for excavation. Maybe one day Google Research will have a small Computational Archaeology section where I would happily apply for work.

One of the ideas of Computational Archaeology is to integrate all these different tools available for archaeologists into one giant tool specifically designed for them. This leads to another part of my research, how tablets and other smart devices can be used in the field. Many smart phone/tablet applications have been developed for various purposes and my research focuses on whether these are actually useful to an archaeologist, how are they useful?, would it be better to stick to the current ways?, do smart devices actually make a difference (a positive one) when used in the field? and would it be better to have one big application with the required functionality rather than various applications focusing on specific tasks?. Some archaeologists in Pompeii have already done some research in this area and found the iPad to be a useful device in the field. Here is the longer article on the Pompeii excavations.


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