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Tuks Archaeology – iPad Research

A few months ago the Archaeology Department allowed me to join them in a field trip to Paul Kruger’s farm near Rustenburg South Africa. The purpose of their trip was to investigate a few theories posed by  a south african archaeologist, Dr. van Vollenhoven, and to learn various things about archaeological field work. My purpose there was to learn about field work, what information needs to be gathered, how it is gathered and managed, what tools are currently being used in fieldwork and how can smart devices help archaeologists during this process.

The Group

The young archaeologists were separated into three groups, an excavation group, a total station group and a GPS surveying group. Later on a group for cleaning up the artefacts was created. I spent at least a day with each group and performed the same activities they did in order to determine first hand where smart devices would be of better use. It was a fantastic learning experience and I got a lot of useful information for my research.

Archaeologists using the iPad

We hope that soon I can join another field trip where I can test a few more things out and work on the already discovered useful apps in detail. I plan on maybe testing an Android device this time as an iPad was used in the previous trip.


For more information about this trip check out the blog.


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