Relevant Blogs

I stumbled upon a number of blogs highly relevant to computational archaeology by browsing around the Archaeological Links blog (also an interesting blog with many news and links relevant to archaeology).

The first blog is the Google Ancient Places blog which describes the progress of a team developing a system that takes information from various books and documents and attempts to find references to ancient places. These places are then mapped onto a digital map which can be referenced from other texts mentioning the same places. The team describes the progress in development, the challenges they face and explain how they have done certain things and why they have done them that way.

The second blog I found is the blog of a developer with a love for archaeology, like me, except he has decided to use his web development skills to help archaeologists, while I want to use my computational intelligence skills to help them. His blog is called Online Archaeology and he speaks about the work he does in online archaeology as well as about interesting things he finds online which may help archaeologists in some way or another.

The last blog was the Heritage Bytes Blog, which discusses the efforts to enhance access and use of archaeological research content using computers.The project is funded by the Alexandria Archive Institute and it analyses how archaeologists and anthropologists could gain access to research material and datasets in a better way with the help of computers.

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