Other iPad research

If you found the blog post about my iPad research in the field interesting here are a few blogs and articles about people that have also done some research in the same field:

  • MobileArch: This is a blog about the use of Smart devices in the field. It has not been updated since 2010 unfortunately, but it is still a great read. When I started my research I stumbled upon this blog and it gave me a great start with regards to what types of applications I should try out first.

    Swapped roles: Archaeologist uses iPad and Computer Scientist excavates

  • Pompeii Archaeologists: This is an article describing how the Archaeologists excavating Pompeii used iPads during their excavations.
  • Ph.D in the use of iPads in archaeology: This is an article describing the research that a Ph.D student at the University of Liverpool is doing. She is testing the uses of iPads in archaeology around Europe (good thing I am focusing on Africa :P). She is doing some research in Bulgaria, so maybe I will even run into her when I go there on holiday this September and discuss our experiences, although I think she will only be starting her field work after that.
  • List of Apps that can be useful for Archaeology: This is a list of iPad applications that the person that compiled the list has used for his/her archaeology research.
  • Another list of Apps that may be useful in Archaeology: This is another list, similar to the above one, that is compiled by a different person.
  • Paperless archaeology: This is a blog that focuses on what they call “paperless archaeology”. It refers to the digitalisation of archaeological data and it discusses the use of iPads in the field, among other computational approaches to archaeology.
  • E’se’get Archaeology Project: This is the blog of a group of archaeologists which extensively use iPads during their excavation process. It is a great blog to find out the advantages of such technology from the point of view of archaeologists as well, rather than just from a computer scientist. It made me quite happy to see applications which I have tested in the field as well being used by this group of archaeologists.

5 comments on “Other iPad research

  1. […] from Random Acts of Science, which was part of an apps-for-archaeology-list put together by Computational Archaeology. Most archaeologists would be familiar with the Munsell Soil Colour Charts – I’ve […]

  2. Great blog!

    You may find some of the posts in our recent fieldwork blog informative. We used iPads extensively, documenting our workflows and mapping techniques in great detail in our blog posts.


  3. Kristina,

    I’m very much enjoying reading your blog. Keep up the good work! Do you have a twitter account I can subscribe to so that I remember to check for updates?

    Also, I have an ongoing list of software for archaeology on my blog that you might find complements the ones you already have listed here: http://www.diachronicdesign.com/blog/2013/08/27/6-archaeology-digital-data-tools/



    • Hi Russell,

      Thanks for the comment. I am glad that you are enjoying the blog 🙂 I do have a twitter account where I put the links for each new blog post, it’s @compArch1

      I’ll definitely check out that list you sent, thanks for the link. I see you have a website in addition to your blog, so I have lots of reading (and some blogging) to do ^.^

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