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Turtle robot that may be useful to archaeologists?

In the Discovery News article found here, the design of a new robot is discussed. A robot inspired by turtles. How does this have anything to do with archaeology though? In Marine Archaeology robots are often used to analyse sections of the ocean where humans cannot go, either because they are too deep or because […]

Computational Archaeology in Bulgaria

While I was on my trip I kept an eye out for traces of computational archaeology. Unfortunately I only found one thing that related to computational archaeology. We witnessed two excavations of Roman remains, one in Sofia and the other in Plovdiv. The archaeologists were deep in the dirt here and there was no sign […]

Bulgarian Archaeology

So you may or may not have noticed that I have been quiet for a while. This is because I went on holiday to Bulgaria, my home country, for two and a half weeks to visit my family and sightsee. Before we left South Africa, my mother asked me what I wanted to see in […]