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Computational Archaeology in Bulgaria

While I was on my trip I kept an eye out for traces of computational archaeology. Unfortunately I only found one thing that related to computational archaeology.

We witnessed two excavations of Roman remains, one in Sofia and the other in Plovdiv. The archaeologists were deep in the dirt here and there was no sign of any form of computational processes. That’s not to say that computational devices were not used, I just did not see any at that point of the excavation process.

When we were in Veliko Tarnovo’s partly reconstructed medieval city we encountered some virtual archaeology. 3D Models of what some buildings used to look like had been printed and displayed on the walls of the medieval city. There were quite a number of them depicting not only buildings located in Veliko turnovo, but also various archaeological sites found elsewhere in the country. Below are two pictures of these models:

A set of 3D models

A more detailed view



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