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Explore Pompeii using Google Maps

So I decided to start looking for these archaeological sites that are going up on Google Maps. I first checked the Pyramids of Giza, but only found photographs rather than an interactive view. I moved on to looking at Pompeii, and to my surprise I found something quite exciting. Here you can walk through old ruins found in Pompeii, Italy. The interactive view is quite fun as its purpose is to make one feel like they are walking around the archaeological site. It works just like Google street view, except you are not looking at a street but the ruins of Pompeii.

Earlier in this blog, when I originally blogged about Google’s project, I provided a link to the Teotihuacan pyramids, one of the earlier parts of the project I believe. At that time the interactive view was still a bit jerky (it still is), but the interactive view of Pompeii is actually very smooth and fun to use. It may be that these are from two different Google projects, the one using photographs from many people (Teotihuacan), and the other using the same technologies and processes as Google street view (Pompeii).

Go play around and explore Pompeii, you can even click on some expandable photographs of certain areas. I will soon put up links for other interesting sites, I promise 🙂


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