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Some more relevant blogs

I gave a small list of blogs possibly relevant to computational archaeology in one of my previous posts. As time has passed I have found a few more interesting ones.

The first is called Paperless Archaeology. It focuses on work done to digitally manage archaeological data.

Electric Archaeology is a blog that deals with the use of digital media for teaching as well as for archaeological and anthropological research. The writer of this blog does some pretty interesting research and publishes the results of his experiments, whether done for fun or for  actual research purposes.

Doug’s Archaeology is a blog that deals with Agent based modelling and GIS among other archaeology related things.

Digital Archaeology is a blog that publishes information about various projects currently using digital means in the field of archaeology.

Applied Technologies to Archaeology is a blog by a mexican archaeologist which discusses various applications of technology to archaeology.

Although Digging for Bones is not a computational archaeology blog, it is an entertaining general archaeology blog which published a nice list of archaeology related blogs here.


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