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Some other Businesses and Institutions that deal with Computational Archaeology

In one of my old posts, Institutions that deal with Computational Archaeology, I provided a list of institutions which deal with computational archaeology in some way or another. As time has passed I have found a few more which can be added to the list. These are: The Cyprus Institute: This institute deals with digital […]

3D Modelling in Archaeology

I am sure that most of you have seen some archaeology documentaries where, while explaining what the use of a certain discovery was, a 3D model of the discovery is shown. Sometimes a simulation of the ancient people using the building or artefact is also generated and shown to the public in order to enrich […]

From marine archaeology to astroarchaeology

I ran into three interesting Discovery News articles today which are relevant to Computational Archaeology. Here is the list: Captain Morgan’s Ships: A group of archaeologists, helped by the Rum brand Captain Morgan, is searching for shipwrecks of the real Captain Morgan. They have found some shipwrecks in Panama which they still need to analyse […]

Computational Archaeology related articles

Here is a list of some articles I have fond which describe the field of Computational Archaeology: Archaeology Expert: This describes computational archaeology focusing more on the Artificial Intelligence side of things. It may make it easier to understand what the purpose of my Masters degree in the Clustering of Temporal Archaeological Data is. Computational […]

Interesting Places at the University of Pretoria

My friend, Ben , and I decided to tour the University of Pretoria on the 2nd of January 2012. ¬†Unfortunately, because it was the 2nd of January most of the museums were closed. During our tour, however, we discussed how we need a map showing us where everything is, as every department has its own […]

Marine exploration videos

Here is a short list of a few marine exploration videos that you may find interesting: Robert Ballard – Exploring the Oceans: This is a TED talk discussing marine exploration in general. It includes the discovery of various resources, unexpected life as well as some archaeological discoveries. David Gallo –¬†Deep Ocean Mysteries and Wonders: This […]