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Marine exploration videos

Here is a short list of a few marine exploration videos that you may find interesting:

  • Robert Ballard – Exploring the Oceans: This is a TED talk discussing marine exploration in general. It includes the discovery of various resources, unexpected life as well as some archaeological discoveries.
  • David Gallo – Deep Ocean Mysteries and Wonders: This is a TED talk that also discusses marine exploration in general, but it also happens to shortly mention computational archaeology. It  discusses underwater volcanos, unexpected life, underwater rivers, the Titanic and, lastly, the possibility of his team generating a virtual interactive model of the Titanic.
  • Hanumant Singh – Exploring the Artic Ocean with remote vehicles: This is a TED talk which shows how ROVs are used to reach areas in the sea that are inaccessible by humans.
  • A “photo essay” about marine archaeology: This is a video that consists of various marine archaeology photographs and dramatic classical music put together to explain simply how marine archaeology works.
  • Institute of Nautical Archaeology: This institute has provided a list of marine archaeology videos on their website. They also have an interactive video that shows models of ruins/shipwrecks/equipment and educates one on what happens under the water and how the equipment is used.
  • Documentary Heaven: This is a web-site that allows you to watch documentaries for free. The link provided navigates straight to the archaeology videos.

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