Interesting Places at the University of Pretoria

My friend, Ben , and I decided to tour the University of Pretoria on the 2nd of January 2012.  Unfortunately, because it was the 2nd of January most of the museums were closed. During our tour, however, we discussed how we need a map showing us where everything is, as every department has its own little secrets that are only known to people in that department or lost explorers.  For this reason we decided to create this map for other people to collaborate and use it to explore the University.

The map can be found here.

It contains all the places that Ben and I could think of. If you know of any other interesting places that can be visited, please fee free to contribute to the map. I am sure that there is plenty that we don’t know about. There are some fitness paths at the University which could be mapped too, unfortunately neither Ben nor I actually know these paths.

How is this relevant to Computational Archaeology? Well, this is just one example of how Google Maps can be used to mark sites, and points of interest. Similar technology can be used for smaller areas, such as a museum, where artefact locations could be marked. Paths can be marked using lines and extra information such as photographs and descriptions can be added to locations. In the field, archaeologists may use this to have a bigger picture of the site in which they are working and in order to centralise some of their geographical information.


7 comments on “Interesting Places at the University of Pretoria

  1. Maybe we should include the IT basement…

    • I did consider it, but it’s difficult to access for the public. there is also the locked physics basement with the creepy equipment. But if you feel it should be added feel free to add it 🙂 it is, after all, an interesting place if you manage to get in. Quite creepy too

  2. The Kamerata if you can get in as absolutely amazing, and if you stand in the exact center of that half circle that the IT building forms, you can almost whisper towards the IT building and hear your own voice reflected back to you. There is of course also the botanical gardens in the North-West corner of campus (although it needs to grow back after they viciously remodeled it slightly last year). The roof of the building is easily accessible with just a little exploration, and yet it yields some of the best views of campus and is absolutely amazing for photographic opportunities when the need arises. Also in the building is a giant hanging pendulum of sorts that is constantly in motion because of the Coriolis effect of the earth on it. If I think of anything else I’ll let you know.

    • Thanks,

      The botanical gardens and the Foucault Pendulum are already on the map 😉 If you speak of the Natural sciences building roof top, it has been locked for a few months now, it is no longer accessible. In fact, the camera Obscura is only accessible if you go with people from Sci-enza 😦

    • Also, what do you refer to as the Tuks Camerrata? It seems to be a group of people (http://web.up.ac.za/default.asp?ipkCategoryID=10470), do you mean the building in which they practice? and if so, where is that? The new Aula maybe?

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