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From marine archaeology to astroarchaeology

I ran into three interesting Discovery News articles today which are relevant to Computational Archaeology. Here is the list:

  • Captain Morgan’s Ships: A group of archaeologists, helped by the Rum brand Captain Morgan, is searching for shipwrecks of the real Captain Morgan. They have found some shipwrecks in Panama which they still need to analyse in order to determine whether the artefacts in them could have belonged to Captain Morgan. They have found swords, a chest, cannonballs and other artefacts, but where is the rum?! In the video shown in the article, some of the technology used by these archaeologists is quickly shown.
  • Cypher code cracked: A group of computer scientists has cracked the code on an 18th century German manuscript for a secret society. See? we, computer scientists, can be useful for deciphering secrets too.
  • Astroarchaeologists at work: A PhD student wants to revive an old satellite with which communication was stopped in 1996. He and his team call themselves astroarchaeologists and plan to revive this satellite by the 40 year anniversary of its launch.

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