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Some other Businesses and Institutions that deal with Computational Archaeology

In one of my old posts, Institutions that deal with Computational Archaeology, I provided a list of institutions which deal with computational archaeology in some way or another. As time has passed I have found a few more which can be added to the list. These are:

  • The Cyprus Institute: This institute deals with digital imaging for cultural heritage and archaeology research.
  • L P Archaeology: This is an archaeology company which also develops digital solutions for commercial as well as academic archaeology projects.
  • Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland: This institution provides a digital archive of Scotland’s photographs, maps and documents about buildings and landscapes.
  • Center for Digital Archaeology: This is a company comprised of team of scholars and professionals who  develop digital solutions for archaeologists.
  • Archeo Synthese: This is a company that does archaeological research and deals with visualizations  digitization  aerial imaging, digital reconstruction, mapping, etc.
  • Carare: This is a project that aims to gather all the archaeology digital resources available into one place, Europeana.
  • Lidar Guys: As the name says, this is a lidar-services company.
  • Vidomora Solutions: This company performs a lot of tasks for various fields. The computational archaeology activities include CAD illustrations and digital archiving or archaeological data.
  • TVAS: This company provides digital surveying and GIS services for archaeologists, among other non-digital services. (Their website seems to be currently broken which is why I have provided the linked-in page).
  • Insight Digital: This is a non-profit organisation that aims to visualize human record.
  • Scan 3D Laser Scanning Services: Laser scanning services for various fields, including archaeology.
  • Historical Research and Development Inc: This is a company that searches for shipwrecks using interesting technologies.
  • GSSI: This is a company that provides technological solutions for various fields, one being archaeology.
  • Veritas Imaging: This company deals with digital image collections for archaeology, architecture and other fields.
  • CyArk: Non-profit organisation aiming to digitally preserve cultural heritage.
  • Digital Archaeology: This is a company I already mentioned in my post about 3D modelling, but it is one worth mentioning again.
  • University of Amsterdam: The archaeology department at this University has a Digital Archaeology group. They are busy with a number of interesting projects and are part of the CAA (Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology) Netherlands.
  • University of Saskatchewan: Their Computer Science Department deals with Computational Archaeology among some other very interesting subjects such as sensor networks, robotics, game mechanics, etc.

So the good news: There is actually work for computational archaeologists out there 🙂


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