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Ubiquitous technology

I have been trying to catch up all news that I have missed due to being very busy with my new job and my masters. During this process I was quite disappointed at the fact that I could find only one article mentioning technology being used in archaeology. Of course, I have only been catching up on Discovery News and Archaeology Magazine, so that is not to say other sources are not mentioning the use of technology in archaeology. This lack of information made me think, is technology really being overlooked or has it become such a normal part of our every day activities that we fail to notice how much we use it?

The above question brings us to the term ubiquitous technology or computing, which refers to the integration of technology into our every day lives to a point where technology tools are often used but their use is unnoticed. Now, whether technology tools to aid archaeology have reached this point or not is an open discussion. However, if we think about it, archaeologists at the very least take digital photographs and gather GPS coordinates. They can also use LIDAR technology, thermal cameras, satellite images, databases, servers, mobile devices, etc. All these technologies, for an archaeologist that uses them every day, can easily be ignored due to being part of a routine.

So has archaeology reached the point of using ubiquitous technology? I guess that for now, that’s for each one of us to decide.

Here is that one article I found which mentions technology being used in archaeology. It mentions the use of optical remote sensing to create 3D models or archaeological sites that are difficult to reach and the use of thermal cameras to examine monuments in these sites.


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