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Robot to assist Archaeologist

Archaeologists will soon be using a robot to explore a tunnel under the Temple of Quetzalcoatl. The robot is a Tlaloc II-TC robot and it consists of a transport vehicle with arms, where the arms will be used to move obstacles. To read more check this article and this summary. This article shows that archaeology specific robots don’t […]

News in the Computational Archaeology field

Here is a list of the recent news in the field of Computational Archaeology: Digital imaging technology used to record and analyze the carvings on  a statue: This technology is being used to analyse the  Hoa Hakananai’a statue from the Easter Island. Imaging technology used in airport security has revealed a painting under a painting: The technology […]

Upcoming conference submission deadline for computational archaeologists

To all computational archaeologists, remember to submit to the Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies taking place in Vienna. Here is the link to the conference site. To those of you who managed to submit to the CAA conference, good luck and congratulations 🙂 I appear to always miss the deadline as it is so […]