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News in the Computational Archaeology field

Here is a list of the recent news in the field of Computational Archaeology:

  1. Digital imaging technology used to record and analyze the carvings on  a statue: This technology is being used to analyse the  Hoa Hakananai’a statue from the Easter Island.
  2. Imaging technology used in airport security has revealed a painting under a painting: The technology revealed  a previously unknown ancient Roman image beneath a nineteenth-century fresco.
  3. A 3D image has been assembled of a 2,000-year-old bronze battering ram: This ram was once attached to a Roman of Greek ship to hit the sides of enemy ships.
  4. Online computational archaeology resources now available: The CAA conference is uploading its proceedings online to be available in PDF format. The complete collection is to be expected at some point in 2013.
  5. Book on historical airphotos available: ArcLand has published a new book on satellite and aerial images of historical sites.
  6. Landmark mapped in 3D: The Walls of Derry and the ancient town of Pompeii will be digitally scanned as part of a major European 3D project.
  7. LiDAR tool available: ArcLand has made a LiDAR tool downloadable online.
  8. PhD studet needs help with 4D GIS: A PhD student  invites people to participate in a questionnaire concerning the use of GIS and data standards in archaeology. So, if you are an archaeologist that extensively uses GIS in the field, help this post-grad out if you can.



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