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Some more robotics in archaeology

Below is a list with some links about the use of robotics in archaeology in addition to my previous post:

  1. Robot used to photograph ancient Greek shipwreck: This article discusses the use of a marine robot to photograph an ancient Greek ship and discusses some other situations where robots have been used in marine archaeology.
  2. Robot used at Peruvian ruins: This article describes a robot being used in Peru which gathers spatial data, can map an area and takes high quality images of an area.
  3. Article on Robotics in Archaeology: This is a link to the information about an article about robotics in archaeology. I’ll post a link to the actual article if I find it.
  4. Archaeology and Exploration: This is a general article describing the use of AUVs in marine archaeology.
  5. Archaeology via underwater robots: This is an article about robot mapping and localization techniques used in archaeology. Note that you need IEEE access to get this article.
  6. Website for WHOI: This is the site of the Woods Whole Oceanographic Institution which deals with robotics in archaeology.
  7. Evaluation of Archaeological Layers Aided by Spectrometry and Robotics: This is an article describing the use of robots for spectrometric analysis.
  8. Exploring fictional Mayan pyramid with a robot: Students design, build, and program robots to explore a fictional Mayan pyramid.
  9. Photo of a marine archaeology robot: This is a photo of a marine archaeology robot used in the Mediterranean.
  10. “Tomb Raider” Has Nothing on Real Archaeological Tech: An article describing various times when robots have been used for archaeology and even to search for meteorites.




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