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Technology in archaeology news 19/05/2013

I am starting to run out of titles for blog posts containing news in computational archaeology. From now on I will be time-stamping them (maybe I can then test my temporal data clustering algorithms on them). Here are the latest news in the field:

  • New Map Crafted for Britain’s “Atlantis”: An archaeologist at the University of Southampton combined high-resolution acoustic imaging with old charts and navigation guides to create a map of the underwater port town of Dunwich.
  • Astronomical Alignment Identified in Peru: Researchers used astronomical software and 3-D modeling and determined that during the winter solstice the Cerro del Gentil pyramid in Peru aligned with two geoglyphs and the setting sun.
  • Yellow Spheres Discovered in Untouched Tunnel Rooms: Like the something from a science fiction book, our friend the Tlaloc II-TC robot (who I posted about in the previous news blogpost)  has found some mysterious yellow spheres beneath the temple of Quetzalcoatl. First I was following the Curiosity rover’s progress on Mars, now we can all follow  Tlaloc II-TC’s progress in Mexico. Here is a more detailed article and here is an article for those who are confused about what is happening under the temple of Quetzalcoatl.
  • Vets Assist Archaeologists With Civil War Artifacts: Vets will assist in determining the shape of artefacts from Camp Lawton using X-Rays.
  • Preserving Endangered Ancient Footprints:Researchers used digital photogrammetry and optical laser scanning to record ancient footprints.
  • Lost City May Lurk in Honduras Rain Forest: Lidar images reveal a possible ruins of a lost city beneath the thick forest of Mosquitia, Honduras 😀

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