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Archaeology podcasts

For those of you who travel a lot and would like to do something more productive with that time, why not listen to some podcasts while driving? I recently started listening to The Naked Archaeology podcasts and have already heard two which reference technology used in archaeology. Here are some other archaeology podcasts I have […]

News in Computational Archaeology

Here are some news in the field:  Mapping Ancient Civilization, in a Matter of Days: LIDAR used to map a Mayan city. Ancient Artificial Harbor Found in Israel: Researchers use photogrammetry to construct a 3D model of an ancient Harbor Long-Lost Pyramids Found?: Possible pyramids found using satellite imagery Robot discovers three unexplored passages in 2,000-year-old […]

A Tool for GIS in Archaeology

To those that enjoyed the previous post, ESRI provides GIS tools that can help archaeologists in their daily lives. Here is link by ESRI pointing archaeologists to the ARC GIS tools available online for a number of archaeology related activities, namely research, survey, excavation, modelling and data management.