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News in Computational Archaeology

Here are some news in the field:

  1.  Mapping Ancient Civilization, in a Matter of Days: LIDAR used to map a Mayan city.
  2. Ancient Artificial Harbor Found in Israel: Researchers use photogrammetry to construct a 3D model of an ancient Harbor
  3. Long-Lost Pyramids Found?: Possible pyramids found using satellite imagery
  4. Robot discovers three unexplored passages in 2,000-year-old tunnel near the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico: An update on our old friend Tlaloc II-TC. After discovering those golden disks the robot Tlaloc II-TC has also found some unexplored passages under the temple of Quetzalcoatl.
  5. Ancient City of Angkor Bigger Than Thought: Ancient city of Angkorhas been mapped using LIDAR.
  6. $36 Million in Silver Hauled From WWII Shipwreck: Underwater robot used to capture video footage of a shipwreck on which a large number of silver ingots were discovered.

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