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Coursera relevant courses

Coursera is a company that provides free online courses presented by lecturers at various well known Universities. The courses fall within various disciplines and range from beginner to advanced levels. Some courses even provide a record of achievement.

I am currently taking my second course through Coursera and am very happy with the quality of the lectures and the material covered in both. The first course I took was called Maps and the Geospatial Revolution and the outcomes of a discussion I created about GIS in archaeology were summarized in one of my previous posts, GIS in Archaeology. I took the course in order to learn a bit more about GIS, which is very useful in archaeology (as you may see in the mentioned post).

Currently I am taking a course in Egyptology, it just started last week so if you speak Spanish and are interested in Egyptology quickly go join! The lectures are very interesting.

The list of courses includes a huge variety of computer science modules. If you want to do computational archaeology and already know the archaeology bit but want to start learning some computer science these may be perfect for you.

Another plus of Coursera is that if you find a course that has already ended but you would still be interested on doing, you can add it to a watch list and receive a notification the next time the course starts. You are also not required to do the assignments and tests, you are welcome to just watch the videos for interest sake. The tests and assignments are there in order to receive a record of achievement. You can also receive e-mails suggesting courses based on your previous choices.

Here are some courses you may be interested in if you like computational archaeology:

Some of the above may have already finished, but you can add them to a watch list and be notified when they start again 😉

Enjoy the classes!


One comment on “Coursera relevant courses

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