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After finding out about the ARROWS project I decided to try get in touch with the researchers working on the project. The response I received introduced me to an Italian project called the THESAURUS project . The acronym is in Italian but it stands for techniques for the exploration of underwater archaeology through the use […]

Game making for computational archaeology?

I spent the weekend at a social game-making event in Johannesburg called Global Game Jam. The purpose of this event was to gather people interested in making games and encourage them to produce their games. The event was global, so people all around the world gathered in pre-defined locations and created games to match the […]

Computational Archaeology on Twitter

For those who enjoy reading computational archaeology articles and use twitter to keep up to date here are a few guys you can follow on twitter: @compArch1 – This is my twitter account, it contains links to this blog which are posted every time I publish a new post. @ARROWSProject – The twitter account for […]

Position for Professor in Computational Archaeology

Do you have a PhD in Classical or Mediterranean Archaeology and have some experience in computational archaeology? Then you are in luck: The University of Cologne is looking for a candidate for a professorship in computational archaeology/ archaeoinformatics. Applications are now open and the starting date for the position is October 1st 2014. Here is […]

More on 3D archaeology

Happy new year!! My last 3D archaeology post was quite popular so I have decided to start the year with some more 3D archaeology links. A Popular Mechanics article on the use of 3D modelling in archaeology: This article discusses 3D modelling in archaeology, ┬áits advantages and some examples of 3D modelling in archaeology. Additionally […]