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Computational Archaeology March Links

I have saved a set of links relevant to computational archaeology which I probably shouldn’t group together but really want you to have, so here they are in a generic post anyways 🙂

  • Computational Vision Group: Remember the ARROWS and THESAURUS Projects that I posted about? Well, these guys are involved in both of those projects. The Computational Vision Group develops hardware and software solutions for analysing images and video. One of the fields they apply these solutions to is Archaeology. They also have annual grants for research in underwater robotics, which they apply to archaeology, as seen in the two mentioned projects. It seems Florence is full of awesome computational archaeology. Note, their website is still under construction.
  • The fractals at the heart of African designs: A mathematician, Ron Eglash, discusses the fractal patterns making up designs in African architecture and art. He uses satellite images to analyse fractal patterns present in African architecture and wrote software to generate such fractal patterns.
  • Ancient Gladiator School Discovered in Austria: Remote sensing techniques have been used to uncover an ancient Roman gladiator school. Additionally the researchers reconstructed the school using 3D modelling.
  • Mysterious Egyptian Spiral Seen on Google Maps: Inj 1997 artwork called Desert Breath was built to  celebrate “the desert as a state of mind, a landscape of the mind”. Today, although slowly disintegrating, the man-made structure is visible from Google Earth. This is just another example of patterns in man-made structures can be seen using satellite imaging.


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