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Some more links for May

I’ve already posted some links in my previous blog post. However, after posting that I found a few more relevant links:

  • Marine Technology Society: This is a society focused on further development, awareness and improvement of marine technologies.
  • Coralbot: A video of some awesome robots used to move loose reef fragments to the larger reefs. Although not used for archaeology, the robots do have some potential in the field. Additionally, there’s a shipwreck model in their demo, and they used blender which I have recommended before for 3D modelling of archaeological sites.
  • Workshop on EU funded Marine Robotics and Applications: A workshop where marine robotics projects will be presented, which is taking place in Italy in June. I must say, this is one of the nicest workshop/conference sites I have seen, they are usually in horrific colour combinations or have an image as a background. Check it out, they have a nice list of the projects to be presented.
  • SEAV Training 2014: International training form digital Digital Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. Also you can check out the website here.
  • SEAV: Spanish society of virtual archaeology.
  • Flights Into The Past book release: A book about aerial archaeology.



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