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A closer look at the Zamani Project

For those who haven’t read the post where I mentioned the Zamani project before, the Zamani project is a project based in Cape Town (South Africa) which focuses on the digital documentation of archaeological sites. You can Follow them on Facebook, they post some interesting articles and videos.

Some of the projects they have done or are busy with (map of these here):

  1. Documenting the Klasies River Cave Tsitsikamma
  2. Ethiopia
  3. Ghana
  4. Jordan
  5. Kenya
  6. Mali
  7. Mozambique
  8. South Africa
  9. Sudan
  10. Tanzania
  11. Uganda
  12. United Arab Emirates
  13. Zimbabwe
  14. Documenting the Cango Caves

Some extra links:

  1. If you want to watch videos of the 3D models done by the Zamani project, here is a link to the videos uploaded to Youtube.
  2. To find out more about the types of data that the Zamani project deals with, check this out on their website.
  3. The Zamani project blog
  4. A blog post about the Zamani Project (in interview form)
  5. An article by Word Design Capital Cape Town about the Zamani Project
  6. Ancient History Encyclopaedia – An interview with Heinz Rüther
  7. Another article about the project 
  8. A video introducing the project
  9. ARC – focus on the effects of visualisation across various fields. They have some relevant projects and an article about the Zamani Project

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