We don’t find computers, or do we?

No, computational archaeologists don’t dig computers out of the ground nor do they find them in ancient shipwrecks…oh wait… it seems that with the help of some super diving suits they actually do (it all depends on what you define as a computer).

Archaeologists have found what they refer to as an Antikythera mechanism, or “world’s oldest computer”, in a shipwreck off a remote Greek island. The “computer” was used by the Greeks to track the cycles of the solar system. These archaeologists used a special diving suit that allows them to reach depths of 150m and are soon to use robot mapping equipment to map the site 🙂

Check out the News 24 article for more information (sent to me by a colleague also interested in archaeology).



2 comments on “We don’t find computers, or do we?

  1. […] Documentary on the Antikythera: discusses the purpose of what is being called “the world’s first computer”, which I have posted about before. […]

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