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No, I am not talking about a seafood pie, which sounds like a terrible idea anyway. FishPi is a project aiming to develop an unmanned  marine vessel which  will cross the Atlantic taking scientific measurements. The idea is to use a Raspberry Pi to explore the marine world.

I would go as far as to say that probably ALL computer and engineering geeks know what a Raspberry Pi is and have probably played with one, if don’t already own one.  This blog, however, has a much wider audience than that. A Raspberry Pi is a computer that’s the size of a credit card. This computer was developed to promote the teaching of computer science in schools and it’s widely used by people for tech pet projects. For more information on the Raspberry Pi check out the official website or the wikipedia page.

So back to FishPi. This project aims to use the credit card-sized computer to explore the mysterious sea. The project is still in the planning and proof-of-concept stages and there are discussion forums where everyone is welcome to give their input. I have subscribed and have asked in the forums if they have considered using the FishPi for archaeological purposes 🙂

Go check out the project! The forum is there to ask questions, but also so you can brainstorm solutions to a variety of problems that they have or will run into. They are currently on the engineering stage, so I can’t be of much help there :P, but maybe I can be helpful when they get to the programming of the FishPi. Do you have any engineering knowledge? Go to the Brain Stew forum and give some ideas.


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