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Archaeological drones

Drones are the new thing. They are being used for various purposes across the world. For example:

Archaeologists have caught up to this new trend of using drones and are now using drones themselves to map archaeological sites, get aerial images of a site and protect endangered sites. Examples of the use of such technology by archaeologists can be seen in the following articles (some of these I have reported previously but I am adding them in this post again):


Here are some more links related to this topic:

Castillo, a Peruvian archaeologist with Lima's Catholic University and an incoming deputy culture minister, flies a drone over the archaeological site of Cerro Chepen in Trujillo

I don’t know about you, but I really want to play with a drone after writing this.


One comment on “Archaeological drones

  1. […] This device is called a quadcopter. The owners were using it to photograph or video Ephesus. This reminded me of the drones previously used to perform an aerial survey of the same site (see my article on archaeological drones for more information). […]

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