Digital History Course

The blogger of Electric Archaeology (a great blog I’ve previously linked to) is starting a course on crafting digital history. This is an online course starting next winter (I’m assuming northern hemisphere winter, so summer for those of us in the south). Here are some links regarding the course:

  • Electric Archaeology’s blog post: Here you can see the details of the course. I can’t find the course on the department’s website yet, I guess because they are still busy setting it up.
  • Github repository with course material: The course material is freely available for anyone to read through (Loving that this is on github). Note that the course material is still being edited and perfected for the course.

While searching for the course on the department’s site I found an old course by the same instructor. This course is called Gaming History – Simulations & Other Digital Tools and it aims to teach students how to represent and analyse archaeological data in a gaming environment. I’m not sure when this course runs, and if it will run again, but here is a link to a blog post detailing the course.

4 comments on “Digital History Course

  1. Hi! The course is listed here: http://carleton.ca/history/undergraduate/courses/3000-level-2/ I still haven’t quite figured out how our online registration system works for folks without the university, but I’ll post info when I do. Why is it that we make things so awkward, eh?


  2. Fantastic, thanks for the link 😉

    Will watch the space closely for updates on the registration, I’m sure there must be some obscure button for it that someone thought was intuitive enough but isn’t 😛

  3. Hi Kristina,

    It is totally obscure. I’ve added a google form to which people can leave their email, and I’ll mail everybody once all those registration details are sorted out.

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