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James Cameron doing Computational Archaeology

So it turns out that the well known director, James Cameron, is a deep sea explorer and has worked on a number of computational archaeology projects. Here are some of the relevant projects that he has been involved in:

  • As a diver, James Cameron wanted to explore the wreck of the Titanic. Making the Titanic movie was a perfect opportunity to do this. His need to explore funded a project which lead to manned subs, and later ROVs, being used to film footage of the Titanic.
  • He worked on a forensic study of the Bismarck wreck site, where manned submersibles and ROVs were used to survey the site.
  • He has done 3-D imaging of deep hydrothermal vent sites along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the East Pacific Rise, and the Sea of Cortez
  • As a film maker, he has worked on a digital 3-D camera system which can change the experience of viewing a wreck’s footage.
  • He’s formed Earthship Productions to make documentary films about ocean exploration and conservation, which often use ROVs to survey sites.
  • He doesn’t just use ROVs, He has worked on the development of fiber-spooling mini-ROVs as well as other deep-ocean lighting and photographic technology. He has also returned to the Titanic’s site and surveyed it further using these mini-ROVs
  • He went to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the Deepsea Challenger manned submersible. Although he didn’t find much in this first trip, the fact that we have managed to send a human to the deepest point in our ocean opens many doors for marine exploration.


Additionally he has been involved in a variety of space exploration robotics projects, which is not directly relevant to computational archaeology but may result in research that could be used for deep sea exploration.

Here are some resources discussing these projects:


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