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OpenRov’s new Kickstarter – Trident

I’ve written before about an open source robotics project for marine exploration called OpenROV.

These awesome guys have started a second Kickstarter project called Trident. This project aims to build a marine exploration robot that has the following qualities:

  • Can be used by anyone
  • Is light weight
  • Can be controlled in various ways (remote control, oculus rift or even become autonomous)
  • Can move around the water in a much smoother fashion
  • Is fun to operate
  • Uses open source software
  • Can be used to create 3D models via photogrammetry
  • Is adaptable (allowing users to add new components to the robot)
  • Will encourage marine exploration around the world by anyone


As for every Kickstarter project, there are rewards for those who contribute (note that there is an image with the pledge rewards on the Kickstarter page, but they have recently added categories that are not on this image):

  • $1 or more -> Receive e-mail updates about news and expeditions
  • $10 or more (NEW) -> Become one of the Beta test pilots by controlling the Trident remotely over the internet (very excited to do this!).
  • $25 or more -> OpenROV Beanie
  • $599 or more -> Get a huge discount on the Trident (super early bird – all gone 😦 )
  • $799 or more -> Get a huge discount on the Trident (early bird – all gone 😦 )
  • $949 or more -> Special price for Trident, still available but limited
  • $1000 or more -> sponsor a high school, which will receive the original OpenRov robot.
  • $1199 or more -> The Trident Underwater Drone
  • $1599 or more (NEW) -> 2 Trident Underwater Drones
  • $3699 -> 5 Trident Underwater Drones

Unfortunately I don’t earn in dollars, so my pledge doesn’t get me this awesome drone. However, contributions in the following forms can be made by you and me:

  • Becoming a Beta tester and remote controlling the Trident
  • Contributing to the Open Source project through code (clone branch on GitHub)
  • Sharing exploration notes and proposals on OpenExplorer

For more information on this project and to pledge visit their kickstarter page.


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