3D modelling with a smart phone

Today I tried out the application called 123D Catch. This app allows you to capture images of an object and creates a 3D model from these. In other words, this is a photogrammetry app.

To use the application you take images of the object that you want to model from a set of different angles by walking around the object. You then get a chance to review the photographs to remove any blurry images. Once reviewed you accept the images and these get uploaded to a server which creates the 3D model.

The application also provides a website where your models can be managed and more models can be explored. The website can be found here.

I did find that the process takes quite a while. First the upload of the images can take some time, especially if you phone’s camera takes high resolution images. In addition to this delay the actual creation of the 3D model takes quite a bit of time.

You can play with the 3D model here and you can see more details here. It actually ended up being a very good 3D model, so worth the wait 🙂

3d capture.PNG

There is also an app provided by them which I can’t try as I don’t have compatible devices. This app is called 123D Sculpt+  and it allows one to create 3D models from scratch via a smart device.



4 comments on “3D modelling with a smart phone

  1. Thanks for the head’s-up!
    I’ve played a bit with SCANN3D on Android, which does a cool quick-and-dirty job, too!

    • Ah yes, SCANN3D is pretty cool too. I find the 123D Catch models more detailed though. SCANN3D is still in beta so I imagine the models will get better with time as well.

      I also think when I tried it the light was not quite right so my experience was probably caused by that rather than the software ^^ Willing to give it another try.

  2. Very cool indeed. Some two years ago i used Autodesk’s ReCap “free” web app to create 3D models of ceramics and other artefacts from still images 🙂

    • That’s awesome 🙂

      Have you put these models online somewhere? Would be great to share some of the reader’s work 🙂

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