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Digital Humanities communities in Berlin

Happy new year readers!

I am glad to say that we have arrived in Berlin and are settling in. So far we have been exploring the areas around us and awing at the amazing architecture. The city has been fairly quiet (except for an incredibly large amount of fireworks on New Years), so we have mostly been walking around the streets.

I have found a Digital Humanities group that that has certain events in Berlin. I am not sure if these events will even be in English, but I’ll find out by attending some of them. You can find the group’s website here: http://www.digital-humanities-berlin.de/, it is in German but if you are using Google Chrome you can translate it with the option on the right of the browser’s address bar. They also have a Twitter feed and you can add their calendar to yours so that you get reminded of the events that they have.

I have also found the following digital humanities institutions and groups:

Additionally to the above links, the Institute for Art and Visual History has a nice list of digital history resources and institutions in Berlin and internationally.

Hope to maybe meet some of you at the events organised by these institutes 🙂


The above image is from a site that contains a set of virtual reconstructions. The Virtual Terrain Project official site is here, but here you can find the reconstructions done in Germany.

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