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Computational archaeology in Athens

This holiday I had the chance to finally visit Athens and it was beautiful. We had great weather considering it is January. As is tradition this lead to some research on how the various sites that we saw have been digitised.

The city is covered in ruins. We stayed in the area of Monastiraki, very close to Hadrian’s library and with a wonderful view of the Acropolis 5 steps from the entrance of the hotel. We were there for four days around new years so, unfortunately, some of the museums that we wanted to visit were closed (like the museum of the ancient Agora). We also got a chance to visit the island of Aegina for a day.

I personally didn’t see any references to computational archaeology this time. However, work in the area has deffinitely been done, as you will see in the following links, with some of my holiday photos sprinkled around:


Odeon at the Acropolis


Pantheon at the Acropolis

  • 3D model of Hadrian’s arch  – This arch is close to the Acropolis, next to the temple of Zeus, each of its sides representing the city of Theseus and city of Hadrian respectively. The model is representative of the arche’S current state.
  • 3D model of Temple of Zeus in Athens– This is a model of what the temple would have looked like.
  • 3D models of the various buildings in Athens – You can explore the various Athenian buildings, such as the Acropolis, in a single model.
  • 3D warehouse of buildings in ancient athens – a warehouse of individual 3D models for different ruins within Athens. This is a collaborative platform so you can add your ow models if you have any.
  • 3D model of Aphaea temple in Aegina – moving towars our trip to Aegina, I quite enjoyed visiting this temple. It is the temple of Aphaea, the goddes of fertility and the agricultural cycle. It is located in a beatiful are with a view of the sea on both sides and is not covered in tourists. The building is also quite well preserved.

Temple of Aphaea

In addition to the above sites we also visited the following interesting sites for which I couldn’t find  a dgital project:

  • Hill of Kolona – a site containing a prehistoric Acropolis, the remains of the temple of Apollo and the ruins of an ancient Sinagogue.

Hill of Kolona

  • Medieval village of Paleachora – The remains of a medieval village, hidden on a hill from pirates, of which pretty much only the churches remain. There are little churches all over the place and a castle at the top of the hill.

Village of Paleachora

Lastly, for the pottery enthusiasts: The hill of Paleachora is covered in surface pottery pieces. If you enjoy spotting these it is a nice place to do it. Here is a picture my favourite find (Plese remember to leave them where you found them if you visit!):


Happy browsing!

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