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Progress for the Meetup in Johannesburg

The meetup is doing well! We now have 24 members of the Computational Archaeology Meetup group in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our first meeting will be at Wolves in Illovo on the 20th of July. It is aimed at getting to know each other, after which we’ll know more about each other’s skills and be able […]

3D modelling with a smart phone

Today I tried out the application called 123D Catch. This app allows you to capture images of an object and creates a 3D model from these. In other words, this is a photogrammetry app. To use the application you take images of the object that you want to model from a set of different angles […]

Experiences with the Crafting Digital History Course

Earlier this year I participated in a Digital History course as an open access participant. The course was run by Shawn Graham, otherwise known as the writer of the Electric Archaeology blog. Shawn was a great distance teacher, always available via the Slack group and always up for any form of discussion. Even though I was in […]

Dev Day presentation on Computational Archaeology

Software companies often have days where developers either present a topic of their choice or get together to create prototypes of their innovative ideas. Some of these events are held internally and others, by larger companies, internationally. Some examples of popular companies that do this are: Google: Holds an international developer day once a year […]

3D Modelling in Archaeology

I am sure that most of you have seen some archaeology documentaries where, while explaining what the use of a certain discovery was, a 3D model of the discovery is shown. Sometimes a simulation of the ancient people using the building or artefact is also generated and shown to the public in order to enrich […]

Computational Archaeology related articles

Here is a list of some articles I have fond which describe the field of Computational Archaeology: Archaeology Expert: This describes computational archaeology focusing more on the Artificial Intelligence side of things. It may make it easier to understand what the purpose of my Masters degree in the Clustering of Temporal Archaeological Data is. Computational […]

Interesting Places at the University of Pretoria

My friend, Ben , and I decided to tour the University of Pretoria on the 2nd of January 2012.  Unfortunately, because it was the 2nd of January most of the museums were closed. During our tour, however, we discussed how we need a map showing us where everything is, as every department has its own […]