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Computational Archaeology in Italy

I just came back from a nice 2 week holiday in Italy, where I was spoiled with archaeology, art and sun (the latter not often seen in Berlin). We visited Napoli, Pompeii, Amalfi, Roma, Siena, Florence, Chianti and Pisa. Somewhere in between waiting for late/imaginary buses and drinking wine, we managed to see some incredible […]

Computational Archaeology News – May 2016

Here are some of the articles I have read most recently relating to computational archaeology. Teenager Uses Star Map To Discover Lost Mayan City In Central America:Satellite imaging and star positioning were used by a student to discover a lost Mayan city. Thanks To Cosmic Rays, We Finally Know What The Inside Of A Pyramid […]

Computational Archaeology News and Articles – November 2015

There have been quite a few computational archaeology related articles lately. Here’s a list: Khaled al-Asaad, The Martyr Of Palmyra: Mentions the use of satellite images to confirm the destruction of the Temple of Bel Oldest Roman military fort: airborne lasers uncover fort from 178BC: LIDAR used to discover Roman forts. Mysterious Ancient Geoglyphs Discovered […]

Computational archaeology videos

I decided to youtube some computational archaeology while I waited for dinner to cook. Here are some of the resources I found: Videos Remember the “complex systems simulation CAA special interest group” I mentioned in one of my previous posts? They had their first meeting which included presentations and a long discussion. You can check […]

Computational Archaeology Kickstarter projects

I know a¬†news in Computational Archaeology post is long overdue, but I’ve been wanting to write a post on Kickstarter projects involving Computational archaeology for a while. I promise I’ll do a news post again soon ūüėČ For those who haven’t heard of Kickstarter,¬†it is a crowd-funding platform¬†that aims to bring creative projects to life.¬†This […]

Computational archaeology during my trip through Turkey

I disappeared for a couple of months, I am sorry about that. I was busy on a road trip around Turkey, moving to another city¬†and starting a new job. A lot of exciting things have been happening. In December two friends, my partner and I flew to turkey and hired a car. Our road trip […]

October News in Computational Archaeology

Here’s this month’s collection of computational archaeology articles: Scientists Use Lasers To Discover Ancient Lost City: A lost city in Cambodia has been discovered using LIDAR technology. More deails from this BBC news article. Maya City in 3-D: This article is quite old but it describes the use of LIDAR equipment to generate a 3D […]