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Computational archaeology news June 2017

As you may have realised, Berlin has kept me quite busy. Now there is some catching up on blogging to do, so here is your dose of computational archaeology. Articles Scientists announce ‘significant’ new Homo Naledi discovery – There is quite a detailed video of the discovery and the techniques used to analyse it. Some […]

Diachronic Design

So, a fellow computational archaeologist found my blog and got in touch with me. He does some pretty cool stuff in his digital archaeology company called Diachronic Design, so I feel it would be good to share it with all of you. Go check out his website, it offers: tutorials live help applications and games. There […]

Some more relevant blogs

I gave a small list of blogs possibly relevant to computational archaeology in one of my previous posts. As time has passed I have found a few more interesting ones. The first is called Paperless Archaeology. It focuses on work done to digitally manage archaeological data. Electric Archaeology is a blog that deals with the use […]

Relevant Blogs

I stumbled upon a number of blogs highly relevant to computational archaeology by browsing around the Archaeological Links blog (also an interesting blog with many news and links relevant to archaeology). The first blog is the Google Ancient Places blog which describes the progress of a team developing a system that takes information from various books […]