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Computational Archaelogy news- January 2017

Once again it has been a while since my last news post, so I’ll be squishing a variety of resources here. Researchers Decipher Antikythera Mechanism Text – researchers decyphered label on ancient Antikyhthera device using X-ray scanning equipment and imaging technology. Archaeologist points to hidden monument in Jordan’s Petra – Satellite and drone images led to the discovery of a […]

We don’t find computers, or do we?

No, computational archaeologists don’t dig computers out of the ground nor do they find them in ancient shipwrecks…oh wait… it seems that with the help of some super diving suits they actually do (it all depends on what you define as a computer). Archaeologists have found what they refer to as an Antikythera mechanism, or “world’s oldest computer”, […]

Game making for computational archaeology?

I spent the weekend at a social game-making event in Johannesburg called Global Game Jam. The purpose of this event was to gather people interested in making games and encourage them to produce their games. The event was global, so people all around the world gathered in pre-defined locations and created games to match the […]

Coursera relevant courses

Coursera is a company that provides free online courses presented by lecturers at various well known Universities. The courses fall within various disciplines and range from beginner to advanced levels. Some courses even provide a record of achievement. I am currently taking my second course through Coursera and am very happy with the quality of […]

Ubiquitous technology

I have been trying to catch up all news that I have missed due to being very busy with my new job and my masters. During this process I was quite disappointed at the fact that I could find only one article mentioning technology being used in archaeology. Of course, I have only been catching up on […]

Computational Archaeology related articles

Here is a list of some articles I have fond which describe the field of Computational Archaeology: Archaeology Expert: This describes computational archaeology focusing more on the Artificial Intelligence side of things. It may make it easier to understand what the purpose of my Masters degree in the Clustering of Temporal Archaeological Data is. Computational […]

Some more relevant blogs

I gave a small list of blogs possibly relevant to computational archaeology in one of my previous posts. As time has passed I have found a few more interesting ones. The first is called Paperless Archaeology. It focuses on work done to digitally manage archaeological data. Electric Archaeology is a blog that deals with the use […]