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Computer Simulations of sun positions of Alexandria

Recently two archaeologists used computer software in order to simulate the sun’s positions in Alexandria during the time the city was built. They did this in order to determine whether the city was built  to align with the sun on the birthday of Alexander the Great. For this they had to consider that the sun […]

Shipwreck found while testing sonar mapping equipment

A long lost ship, named Terra Nova, was found in the seabed of Greenland. It was discovered by a group of people testing echo-sounding equipment around the area. When they saw an unidentified feature within their data they decided to use sonar-mapping to determine what this feature was. They matched the length of the feature […]

Google Strikes Again – Pre-Hispanic ruins on Google Street View

Google street view has added interactive images of pre-Hispanic ruins, such as the pyramids of Teotihuacan, on street view. This allows people to look around an archaeological area through the photographs taken by various people from different angles. As it is a new development it still needs a bit of work (that is, more photographs), however […]

Relevant Blogs

I stumbled upon a number of blogs highly relevant to computational archaeology by browsing around the Archaeological Links blog (also an interesting blog with many news and links relevant to archaeology). The first blog is the Google Ancient Places blog which describes the progress of a team developing a system that takes information from various books […]

Tuks Archaeology – iPad Research

A few months ago the Archaeology Department allowed me to join them in a field trip to Paul Kruger’s farm near Rustenburg South Africa. The purpose of their trip was to investigate a few theories posed by  a south african archaeologist, Dr. van Vollenhoven, and to learn various things about archaeological field work. My purpose there […]

Google Image Survey may have found lost Egyptian Pyramids

Satellite images of an area in Egypt show suspicious signs of undiscovered pyramids, here. Field work still needs to be done to figure out what exactly is happening in that area, but this is a great example of using computers to analyse an area in order to decide where to begin excavations. Archaeologists don’t need software created specifically for […]

Institutions that deal with Computational Archaeology

Below is a list of institutions that deal with Computational Archaeology. These include institutions that teach relevant courses as well as institutions that do research in that field. Computational Archaeology Laboratory at McGill University, a research group University of York, where you can study Archaeological Information Systems University of Southampton, where one can study archaeological computing […]