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Course: Recovering the Humankind’s Past and Saving the Universal Heritage

“Recovering the Humankind’s Past and Saving the Universal Heritage” is a Coursera course that will teach you an overview of archaeology and focus on the digitalization of cultural heritage using ICT (information and communication technologies). The course is organised by the Sapienza University of Rome and starts tomorrow (22nd January 2018). Read up more about […]

Computational archaeology in Athens

This holiday I had the chance to finally visit Athens and it was beautiful. We had great weather considering it is January. As is tradition this lead to some research on how the various sites that we saw have been digitised. The city is covered in ruins. We stayed in the area of Monastiraki, very […]

Slack group for the Digital Humanities

In a previous post I mentioned a Slack chat group for the Crafting Digital History course taking place from the 11th of January. Our lecturer has been quite active on the group and has shared numerous valuable resources already. One of these resources was the mention of the Digital Humanities Slack team where archaeologists, historians, curators, developers, and […]

Computational archaeology videos

I decided to youtube some computational archaeology while I waited for dinner to cook. Here are some of the resources I found: Videos Remember the “complex systems simulation CAA special interest group” I mentioned in one of my previous posts? They had their first meeting which included presentations and a long discussion. You can check […]

Digital History Course

The blogger of Electric Archaeology (a great blog I’ve previously linked to) is starting a course on crafting digital history. This is an online course starting next winter (I’m assuming northern hemisphere winter, so summer for those of us in the south). Here are some links regarding the course: Electric Archaeology’s blog post: Here you can see the […]

Some news on Computational Archaeology

I have been a little quiet for a while because I recently started a new job and have been settling slowly. It is, however, time for a blog post as my news feed keeps getting fuller and fuller. Below is a list of some computational archaeology related new and old news from the past while: […]

Some other Businesses and Institutions that deal with Computational Archaeology

In one of my old posts, Institutions that deal with Computational Archaeology, I provided a list of institutions which deal with computational archaeology in some way or another. As time has passed I have found a few more which can be added to the list. These are: The Cyprus Institute: This institute deals with digital […]