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Computational Archaeology – March links and courses

Time for some more links: Oxford Archaeology: This is an archaeology and heritage practice that provides a variety of archaeology related services. Under their specialist services you can find a variety of computational archaeology services such as GIS surveying and graphics. Virtual Heritage Lab: This is a lab dealing with digital projects in archaeology. Spatial-tech: A computational archaeologist’s […]

Game making for computational archaeology?

I spent the weekend at a social game-making event in Johannesburg called Global Game Jam. The purpose of this event was to gather people interested in making games and encourage them to produce their games. The event was global, so people all around the world gathered in pre-defined locations and created games to match the […]

A Tool for GIS in Archaeology

To those that enjoyed the previous post, ESRI provides GIS tools that can help archaeologists in their daily lives. Here is link by ESRI pointing archaeologists to the ARC GIS tools available online for a number of archaeology related activities, namely research, survey, excavation, modelling and data management.

GIS in Archaeology

I recently decided to take some courses online on Coursera. I attempted to do an Archaeology one but I was at a bunch of conferences during the course so I could not complete it. There is, however, one course I recently completed called “Maps and the Geospatial Revolution”. I took this course in order to […]

News in the Computational Archaeology field

Here is a list of the recent news in the field of Computational Archaeology: Digital imaging technology used to record and analyze the carvings on  a statue: This technology is being used to analyse the  Hoa Hakananai’a statue from the Easter Island. Imaging technology used in airport security has revealed a painting under a painting: The technology […]

Interesting Places at the University of Pretoria

My friend, Ben , and I decided to tour the University of Pretoria on the 2nd of January 2012.  Unfortunately, because it was the 2nd of January most of the museums were closed. During our tour, however, we discussed how we need a map showing us where everything is, as every department has its own […]