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Computational Archaeology Lego

Yes, this post is as silly as it sounds, but it was necessary ^^. It was my birthday recently and my partner wrote me a story about a marine archaeologist using an ROV to discover a treasure. He played this out with little Lego pieces, including a Lego ROV. Here is a picture of this […]

OpenRov’s new Kickstarter – Trident

I’ve written before about an open source robotics project for marine exploration called OpenROV. These awesome guys have started a second Kickstarter project called Trident. This project aims to build a marine exploration robot that has the following qualities: Can be used by anyone Is light weight Can be controlled in various ways (remote control, oculus […]

James Cameron doing Computational Archaeology

So it turns out that the well known director, James Cameron, is a deep sea explorer and has worked on a number of computational archaeology projects. Here are some of the relevant projects that he has been involved in: As a diver, James Cameron wanted to explore the wreck of the Titanic. Making the Titanic movie […]

Computational Archaeology news and links for many overdue months (part 2)

I promised a continuation with more articles, so here it is. World’s Oldest Tools from Lomekwi 3: 3-D laser scans of the Lomekwi 3 (A Kenyan site) tools have been  made to analyse finer details. ‘Cyber-archaeology’ salvages lost Iraqi art: Photogrammetry is used to turn 2D photographs of an object into 3D images in order to recreate lost Iraqui art […]

October News in Computational Archaeology

Here’s this month’s collection of computational archaeology articles: Scientists Use Lasers To Discover Ancient Lost City: A lost city in Cambodia has been discovered using LIDAR technology. More deails from this BBC news article. Maya City in 3-D: This article is quite old but it describes the use of LIDAR equipment to generate a 3D […]

Some more links for May

I’ve already posted some links in my previous blog post. However, after posting that I found a few more relevant links: Marine Technology Society: This is a society focused on further development, awareness and improvement of marine technologies. Coralbot: A video of some awesome robots used to move loose reef fragments to the larger reefs. Although […]

Computational Archaeology – May links

I disappeared for a while as I was busy wrapping up the first draft of my thesis. Now it’s time to catch up on some blogging. Here are some links relevant to computational archaeology you may have missed during my absence: What can we learn from computational archaeology: How stuff works has a short article […]

Computational Archaeology March Links

I have saved a set of links relevant to computational archaeology which I probably shouldn’t group together but really want you to have, so here they are in a generic post anyways 🙂 Computational Vision Group: Remember the ARROWS and THESAURUS Projects that I posted about? Well, these guys are involved in both of those projects. […]

News and links on Computational Archaeology – February 2014

Here are some news and links on computational archaeology: The hunt for lost cities: A team used laser-based light detection and ranging (LIDAR) system to find ruins in the jungles of Honduras. Virtual Worlds as Venues for Public Archaeology: An article on using virtual worlds for archaeology, which links to Ancient lives project: Help the collaborative […]

A project for low cost marine archaeology robots

So, do you remember my old post about a turtle robot that could possibly be useful for archaeologists? Well, some researchers have just done it 😀 (Maybe they read my blog :P). My friend recently sent me an article describing a new turtle robot that has been built for marine archaeology (as he knows I […]