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Computational palaeontology and archaeology successfully met

I am glad to announce that our latest meetup was an awesome one. 12 individuals (including the speakers) made it to the event. Pizza, beer and coffee were consumed and awesome talks took place. Our guest speaker Viktor, amazed us with great knowledge and humour. He focused his talk on the Paleo’s digital renaissance currently taking place. […]

Other iPad research

If you found the blog post about my iPad research in the field interesting here are a few blogs and articles about people that have also done some research in the same field: MobileArch: This is a blog about the use of Smart devices in the field. It has not been updated since 2010 unfortunately, but […]

Tuks Archaeology – iPad Research

A few months ago the Archaeology Department allowed me to join them in a field trip to Paul Kruger’s farm near Rustenburg South Africa. The purpose of their trip was to investigate a few theories posed by  a south african archaeologist, Dr. van Vollenhoven, and to learn various things about archaeological field work. My purpose there […]

Relevant books

Below is a list of books relevant to Computational Archaeology. You may find that these are a bit too specialised due to the fact that I have discovered them during my research, which is in Computational Intelligence. I am giving links Google Books page for each of them. Google books often allows one to read […]

My Research

Currently I am busy with my MSc Computer Science while co-supervised by the Archaeology Department. I am in the Computational Intelligence Research Group, so my research is focused on Computational Intelligence. What relevance does this have to Computational Archaeology? Well, archaeologists deal with large amounts of documentation, often so large that it is difficult to accurately interpret […]