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James Cameron doing Computational Archaeology

So it turns out that the well known director, James Cameron, is a deep sea explorer and has worked on a number of computational archaeology projects. Here are some of the relevant projects that he has been involved in: As a diver, James Cameron¬†wanted to explore the wreck of the Titanic. Making the Titanic movie […]

Computational Archaeology – May links

I disappeared for a while as I was busy wrapping up the first draft of my thesis. Now it’s time to catch up on some blogging. Here are some links relevant to computational archaeology you may have missed during my absence: What can we learn from computational archaeology: How stuff works has a short article […]


After finding out about the ARROWS project I decided to try get in touch with the researchers working on the project. The response I received introduced me to an Italian project called the THESAURUS project . The acronym is in Italian but it stands for techniques for the exploration of underwater archaeology through the use […]

ROVs used in Black Sea Expedition

A group of archaeologists discovered an intact¬†Byzantine shipwreck at the bottom of the Dead Sea. The composition of the water in the Dead sea preserved the ship as well as the jars found around it. The archaeologists found the shipwreck long before they could excavate it as they needed new technology to allow them to […]