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Computational archaeology in Malta

I spent my last vacation in Malta with my mom and husband. During our trip we explored various areas of the island, and were treated to archaeological sites ranging all the way back to 3500BC. This post summarises some of the computational archaeology that I read about along the way. Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum: This is […]

Course: Recovering the Humankind’s Past and Saving the Universal Heritage

“Recovering the Humankind’s Past and Saving the Universal Heritage” is a Coursera course that will teach you an overview of archaeology and focus on the digitalization of cultural heritage using ICT (information and communication technologies). The course is organised by the Sapienza University of Rome and starts tomorrow (22nd January 2018). Read up more about […]

3D modeling updates

The 3D models in archaeology posts seem to be pretty popular, so I decided to add some more content for you 🙂 Here are some links: 3-D Virtual Model Reconstructs Germany’s Heidelberg Castle: A 3D model of Heidelberg Castle has been made using photographs, drawings, and surveys of the ruins Around the World in 80 […]

Computational Archaelogy news- January 2017

Once again it has been a while since my last news post, so I’ll be squishing a variety of resources here. Researchers Decipher Antikythera Mechanism Text – researchers decyphered label on ancient Antikyhthera device using X-ray scanning equipment and imaging technology. Archaeologist points to hidden monument in Jordan’s Petra – Satellite and drone images led to the discovery of a […]

Computational palaeontology and archaeology successfully met

I am glad to announce that our latest meetup was an awesome one. 12 individuals (including the speakers) made it to the event. Pizza, beer and coffee were consumed and awesome talks took place. Our guest speaker Viktor, amazed us with great knowledge and humour. He focused his talk on the Paleo’s digital renaissance currently taking place. […]

News in Computational Archaeology – Celebrating 5000+ views

This blog has now officially passed 5000 views. To celebrate here are some news in the field. Thank you all for the support   : ) 3D Mauls and Segmented Stones “In-Situ”: GIS and 3D modelling come together for archaeology. New online CAA Proceedings: All Proceedings from 1973 to 2011, except of 2002 and 2010, […]

Technology in archaeology news 19/05/2013

I am starting to run out of titles for blog posts containing news in computational archaeology. From now on I will be time-stamping them (maybe I can then test my temporal data clustering algorithms on them). Here are the latest news in the field: New Map Crafted for Britain’s “Atlantis”: An archaeologist at the University […]

Ubiquitous technology

I have been trying to catch up all news that I have missed due to being very busy with my new job and my masters. During this process I was quite disappointed at the fact that I could find only one article mentioning technology being used in archaeology. Of course, I have only been catching up on […]