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Computational Archaeology in Italy

I just came back from a nice 2 week holiday in Italy, where I was spoiled with archaeology, art and sun (the latter not often seen in Berlin). We visited Napoli, Pompeii, Amalfi, Roma, Siena, Florence, Chianti and Pisa. Somewhere in between waiting for late/imaginary buses and drinking wine, we managed to see some incredible […]

Computational archaeology news June 2017

As you may have realised, Berlin has kept me quite busy. Now there is some catching up on blogging to do, so here is your dose of computational archaeology. Articles Scientists announce ‘significant’ new Homo Naledi discovery – There is quite a detailed video of the discovery and the techniques used to analyse it. Some […]

Computational Archaelogy news- January 2017

Once again it has been a while since my last news post, so I’ll be squishing a variety of resources here. Researchers Decipher Antikythera Mechanism Text – researchers decyphered label on ancient Antikyhthera device using X-ray scanning equipment and imaging technology. Archaeologist points to hidden monument in Jordan’s Petra – Satellite and drone images led to the discovery of a […]

Computational Archaeology news and links for many overdue months (part 2)

I promised a continuation with more articles, so here it is. World’s Oldest Tools from Lomekwi 3: 3-D laser scans of the Lomekwi 3 (A Kenyan site) tools have been  made to analyse finer details. ‘Cyber-archaeology’ salvages lost Iraqi art: Photogrammetry is used to turn 2D photographs of an object into 3D images in order to recreate lost Iraqui art […]

News in Computational Archaeology – Celebrating 5000+ views

This blog has now officially passed 5000 views. To celebrate here are some news in the field. Thank you all for the support   : ) 3D Mauls and Segmented Stones “In-Situ”: GIS and 3D modelling come together for archaeology. New online CAA Proceedings: All Proceedings from 1973 to 2011, except of 2002 and 2010, […]