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Become a virtual explorer

Travelling is an expensive hobby which many people cannot allow themselves to do.  However, in this information era, more and more people have access to some internet service, either via a mobile device or a personal computer. With Nokia developing cheap smart phones aimed at the African market, were many people may not have access […]

Explore Pompeii using Google Maps

So I decided to start looking for these archaeological sites that are going up on Google Maps. I first checked the Pyramids of Giza, but only found photographs rather than an interactive view. I moved on to looking at Pompeii, and to my surprise I found something quite exciting. Here you can walk through old ruins […]

Articles related to marine archaeology robotics

While reading my usual Popular Science and Popular Mechanics articles I ran into a few which dealt with robotics. Of course there are many robotics articles, but these are the ones that caught my attention regarding archaeology. The first deals with finding mines underwater (by mines I mean war mines, like the ones in the Windows […]

Computer Simulations of sun positions of Alexandria

Recently two archaeologists used computer software in order to simulate the sun’s positions in Alexandria during the time the city was built. They did this in order to determine whether the city was built  to align with the sun on the birthday of Alexander the Great. For this they had to consider that the sun […]

Laser equipment reveals further information about Stonehenge

Archaeologists have used laser scans of the Stonehenge in order to prove or disprove certain theories about the monument’s purpose. The two conflicting theories discussed in this article are: Stonehenge was built as a symbol of unity Stonehenge was built as a place to heal the sick Read the article here to find out more […]