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James Cameron doing Computational Archaeology

So it turns out that the well known director, James Cameron, is a deep sea explorer and has worked on a number of computational archaeology projects. Here are some of the relevant projects that he has been involved in: As a diver, James Cameron wanted to explore the wreck of the Titanic. Making the Titanic movie […]

Computational Archaeology news and links for many overdue months (part 2)

I promised a continuation with more articles, so here it is. World’s Oldest Tools from Lomekwi 3: 3-D laser scans of the Lomekwi 3 (A Kenyan site) tools have been  made to analyse finer details. ‘Cyber-archaeology’ salvages lost Iraqi art: Photogrammetry is used to turn 2D photographs of an object into 3D images in order to recreate lost Iraqui art […]