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“British Atlantis”

An underwater world was discovered around Scotland and Denmark. The article describing this discovery can be found here. This article caught my attention as some computational archaeology can be spotted within the paragraphs. One example is the fact that climatologists, archaeologists and geophysicists mapped and analysed the area using data gathered from oil companies. The other two […]

Sad news about the search for Earhart’s aircraft

Unfortunately, the marine archaeologists that were looking for Earhart’s aircraft, which I spoke about in one of my posts, did not manage to find anything promising. They have decided to give up due to the difficulties posed by the environment and the technical issues that they had to deal with. It seems that even the […]

Institutions that deal with Computational Archaeology

Below is a list of institutions that deal with Computational Archaeology. These include institutions that teach relevant courses as well as institutions that do research in that field. Computational Archaeology Laboratory at McGill University, a research group University of York, where you can study Archaeological Information Systems University of Southampton, where one can study archaeological computing […]

2 interesting articles on marine robotics

I ran into this article about marine robots being used to map ship hulls for mines. It is a good read and another nice example of how robots can be used to inspect  shipwrecks. This article is also very interesting. It refers to a robot which managed to identify a black box under water and retrieve it. […]

Some interesting articles on computational archaeology

I read Discovery news every day as I find their articles interesting and easy to read. Recently I added Popular Science and Popular mechanics to my feeds as well. All of these feeds have provided very interesting articles which can sometimes be related to computational archaeology in some way. Of course, as a computer geek […]

What is Computational Archaeology

When people ask me what I want to do with my life, I tell them that I want to be a computational archaeologist. But what exactly is Computational Archaeology? No, I do not want to dig computers out of the ground, like some thought when I originally mentioned the term. In short, it refers to […]